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Shopping shouldn’t just be about spending money – it should also be about earning money. With Onesto, you can do both. Onesto has partnered with more than 350+ essential retailers and restaurants across Australia and New Zealand so you can build saving when you shop.

When you shop at Onesto Rewards retailers, you get up to 10% Cashback deposited straight into your savings account. So you can build a savings fund without changing your spending habits.
Employees can build savings of more than $100 every month.

That’s a tank and a half of petrol!

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Our Retailers

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How does it work?


Whether online or at the register, open Onesto and select Shop from the bottom navigation


Select your retailer (and scan your retailer loyalty and rewards card if you have one). You can load your loyalty cards into Onesto


Once you’ve finished shopping and have worked out what your shopping costs – enter that exact amount into the app.

Shop and Save Screen with oNesto


Select an account to pay from.  Either your Earned Wages, Shopping Account or Rewards Account. Tap Confirm.


Onesto creates a giftcard for you for that exact amount. Scan the barcode, then enter the PIN and you’re shopping is done and paid for!